Our philosophy

We depart from the ordinary, achieving a distinctive character that makes us unique and exclusive.

Ancient sugarcane pressing machine.


Man has been blending different elements to create new ones of greater complexity. It is even known in nature that a blend can give rise to a hybrid superior to its original components. Therefore, blending is an ancient art, hidden within the world of distillation, and it requires both technique and a high level of sensitivity. At Ocean's, the perfect balance in blending is called "Singular Blend," and its ultimate goal is to enhance the virtues of the raw materials in the final product.


Ocean's Rum sets itself apart from the ordinary, achieving a distinctive character that makes it unique and exclusive. The limited edition of each of our products will make them accessible to only a few privileged individuals, turning them into precious treasures that the most daring pirates would be willing to sail the oceans in search of.

Interior of a wooden pirate ship with rum barrels
Objetos antiguos de barco


We embark on the search for a new concept, something different, fresh, and unknown. The uncommon combination of experience, creativity, and technical skills cherished by our master blender guides us on this fascinating journey.

Extensive experience in the distillation industry has allowed us to store thousands of individual spirits aromas in our logbook for decades. Imagination enables us to evoke new experiences, while technical skills play a crucial role in knowing exactly when a distilled spirit reaches its perfect maturation point.


At the end of our journey, we have discovered the essence of rum, the TRUTH of rum. And this truth is nothing but the perfect balance between tradition, innovation, naturalness, exceptional quality, and delicacy in each step followed during the production process.

Cálida luz amarilla retro de un faro