Rum Ocean’s Tasty


Ron Ocean's Deep is a blend of Industrial Rum (or light rum) combined with agricultural rums (or heavy rums), all sourced from the Caribbean islands where both production technologies have been developed.

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Swallowing sensation

A sensation of warmth and fiery intensity in the throat, with a perceptible sweetness, exhibits great persistence and a long-lasting aftertaste.


Clear liquid, moderately dark amber in color, allowing light to pass through with notable shimmer and brilliance, free from suspended particles.


Aroma typical of rum aged in oak barrels, correct balance between its components, slightly sweet, with noticeable notes of vanilla, apple, and almonds, with a proper balance among all its aromas without highlighting the ethyl scent.


Generous aging, well-evolved, with a subtly perceptible sweetness, combined with flavors of vanilla, almonds, and fleshy fruits. It has a complex and multi-layered taste.

Alcohol content



FermentationFor the production of both rums that make up the final blend of Tasty, alcohols obtained from the fermentation of sugary streams in the sugarcane sugar production process are used.

Distillation In the case of industrial or light rums, continuous column systems are used to distill the fermented mashes. This method allows the final product to have a complex, multi-layered flavor, but with a light body similar to other industrial rums.

On the other hand, heavy or agricultural rums are distilled in traditional pot stills made entirely of copper. This distillation technique imparts great strength to the alcohols due to the extraction of a significant amount of congeners during the process.

The distillates are blended with high-quality water sourced from the aquifers of this Caribbean island, which has a high annual replenishment rate due to the abundant rainfall and hurricanes in the region.

These waters are purified through reverse osmosis systems, which ensures complete purity of the water, free from salts and minerals.

Aging The alcohols are aged for several years in barrels made of American white oak. The formulation involves different aged alcohols, each aged for a different period of time. In the case of Ocean's Tasty, light rums aged from 1 to 10 years are used, mixed in the appropriate proportion with heavy rums aged for one year, to achieve the desired final organoleptic profile.

Imagen de la etiqueta del ron Tasty.
Bottle of Ocean's Rum, Tasty version. With a red background featuring an astrolabe.Rum Ocean’s Tasty