Rum Ocean's Deep


Ron Ocean's Deep is a blend of Industrial Rum (or light rum) combined with agricultural rums (or heavy rums), all sourced from the Caribbean islands where both production technologies have been developed.

For the production of both rums that make up the final blend of Ocean's Deep, alcohols obtained from the fermentation of sugarcane juice or molasses are used.

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Swallowing sensation

Burning sensation in the throat, slightly sweet tones, and strongly balsamic.


A markedly dark amber-colored liquid, allowing light to pass through with notable flashes and brilliance, free from suspended particles.


The aroma of rum aged in oak barrels, reminiscent of sugarcane harvest, offers a refreshing and moderately sweet scent with noticeable notes of vanilla, cherry, and bitter almonds.


Well-developed aging, with a subtly perceptible sweetness, combined with the flavor of vanilla that evolves into almonds and fleshy fruits. It presents a complex and multi-layered taste.

Alcohol content



Fermentation During this stage, the sugary juices are fermented to produce alcoholic mash. In the case of our light rums, fermentation is rigorously controlled by inoculating selected yeast strains. On the other hand, for heavy rums, native (wild) yeasts that have developed in sugarcane cultivation are used.

Distillation To distill the fermented mash, industrial or light rums use continuous column systems that allow for the production of a product with a complex, multi-layered flavor but a light body similar to industrial rums. On the other hand, heavy or agricultural rums are distilled in traditional copper pot stills, which impart great strength to the alcohols by extracting a significant amount of congeners during distillation.

Aging The alcohols are aged for several years in American white oak barrels. Different aged alcohols, matured for varying periods of time, are used in the formulation. In the case of Ocean's Deep, a combination of light rums aged from 1 to 10 years in the appropriate proportion is blended with one-year-old heavy rums to achieve the desired final organoleptic profile.

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Bottle of Ocean's Rum, Deep version. With a blue background featuring an astrolabe.Rum Ocean's Deep