Ocean's Rum by Ocean's Distillery

Where it all began...

Since time immemorial, man has been mixing different elements, trying to obtain from them new ones of greater complexity and quality. But despite how old the mixing activity is, the Art of Blending has remained extremely hidden.

Years ago, we began a long journey across the oceans and through time in quest of a prized treasure—the secrets of The Art of Blending.An ancestral and inaccessible skill whose key is guarded with zeal by a loyal keeper, The Master Blender.

Hundreds of notes and comments written for years have been the beginning to acquire the perfect understanding of the effects that weather, the passing years, and the contribution of wood generate on rum, allowing us to develop a vast knowledge about taste creation... about Blending.

Focused on the wide-ranging sensory analysis, we carry on our quest to pursue the code for the Perfect Balance. A combination of specific techniques, science, knowledge, and art, which, together with adequate training, provides us with the necessary expertise to achieve the delight of our body, mind, and spirit through such a Singular Blend.

We blend to create new and better things, to grow, to extol the virtues, to pursue excellence, to convert the purest desire into an uncontrollable passion. We blend to spread the Culture of Blending.

Ancient ways that have been forgotten as time goes by reappear today to merge into a different style, a whole of new tendencies that will be part of the future, reinventing and revolutionizing the World of BlendingA new concept of quality that defines the authentic, the odd, the hidden. A perfect fusion between classic and modern, between tradition and evolution.

Before us, the possibility to travel through time is shown. Whether towards the past, trying to recreate moments already lived. Whether towards the future, looking to rediscover them.

Our story began with a quest for answers in the past. Paradoxically, after having found the origin of those answers, we came back again to the future, to the origin of our questions, where it all began ...

Catalogo de botellad de Ocean's Ron. En orden: Deep, Tasty y Mellow.

Nothing happens by chance...

Ocean's Distillery focuses its activity on the world of rum, a beverage closely linked to seas and oceans, pirates, sailors, and great journeys filled with adventures and fierce battles. For us, there is no better way to honor this noble drink than to make it a part of the name of the one who not only witnessed its birth but also made it grow and become great, carrying it to every corner of the planet.

Since ancient times, lighthouses have guided ships in their approaches to land, preventing countless shipwrecks near the coasts. Our image is that of a lighthouse casting its light into the vast darkness of the ocean, guiding anyone who wishes to embark on a thrilling journey full of mysteries to unveil, enigmas to solve, and new sensations to discover. An exciting journey to the True Origin of Rum.

The character of our rum is defined by an astrolabe, an instrument formerly used by navigators to locate the stars and observe their movements, thus being able to determine the time and measure distances at sea. Our star finder also aims to be a trusted tool with which one can navigate without fear of getting lost among fables, myths, and legends that overshadow and distort the True History of Rum.

Thus, Ocean's Rum is born, a series of exceptionally high-quality rums, crafted following the use of good practices and respecting the traditional, artisanal, and natural production of rum.

White Astrolabe, decorative element.

Where tradition meets progress...

For the creation of our blends, we carefully select rums from different origins and sources, taking into account their distinctive characteristics. These special rums are then taken to our aging and maturation facility located in the heart of Valle de Ayala (Basque Country, Spain), a place with excellent properties for the aging of spirits, thanks to its climatic and geographical conditions, and where the purity of the water is difficult to surpass.

Once there, the rums undergo a second maturation period in new white oak barrels, after which the blends will be defined. Finally, once the rum is blended and based on its organoleptic properties, it will undergo an additional finishing period in different types of virgin woods that will impart the Final Touch before bottling.

Why Singular Blend...?

The concept of Singular Blend defines a strong commitment to quality through honesty and transparency, as a tribute to all those who have chosen to keep alive the spirit and essence of traditional, artisanal, and natural rum production.

Under this distinctive seal, meticulous control is carried out in the selection and production of our rums, paying utmost attention to every detail and thoroughly analyzing each phase of the production process: sugarcane cultivation techniques, fermentation and distillation methods, aging and quality control systems, analysis and guidelines for selecting the rums that will compose future blends, appropriate selection and correct use of barrels and woods, input control, and complete traceability of the rum.

In essence Singular Blend aims to be a comprehensive system of control and quality, driven by a deep sense of respect for rum.

The journey continues...

At Ocean's, we continue to focus our efforts on the development and meticulous study of alternative production techniques that allow us to efficiently and continuously improve upon the traditional methods for crafting Rum.

We remain aware of the effects that climate, wood, and time have on Rum, making it essential for us to conduct detailed research on cooperage as an effective avenue to help us understand and deeply comprehend the interplay among them.

We can assert with absolute certainty that Sugar Cane grew and matured for centuries along our Mediterranean coast. It is our firm intention to reclaim that forgotten chapter of history, returning to this land a small part of all that it has given us. There, where it all began...

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